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Value with Richard Drucker#19

In episode 19 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh discuss the concept of value, and its various meanings within the jewelry industry. Then they interview Richard Drucker, President of Gemworld International.

Link Gemworld International

Emeralds with Jeffery Bergman#18

In episode 18 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh dive deep into the world of emeralds. Then, they interview gem dealer and gemologist Jeffery Bergman, owner of 8th Dimension Gems, about his career and involvement in the Shakiso emerald find.

Link 8th Dimension Gems

Trade Shows with Doug Hucker#17

In episode 17 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh discuss the history of trade shows, discuss the differences between some of the most prevalent gem and jewelry fairs, and explain the importance of trade shows to our industry. Then, they interview Doug Hucker, the CEO of AGTA.


An Extended Interview with Bill Larson#16

In episode 16 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh dedicate an entire episode to interviewing industry legend Bill Larson, president of Pala International, and one of the world’s foremost gem and mineral experts.

Link Pala International

Jewelry Appraisals with David Atlas#15

In episode 15 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh talk all about jewelry appraisals. Each of them draw from their experience in the field, and discuss the most common appraisal questions - which if any organization to join, different types of appraisals, and what it takes to start a successful appraisal business. Then they interview David Atlas, a jewelry consultant with 50 years experience in the field.

Link David S. Atlas

Field Gemology with Wim Vertriest#14

In episode 14 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh talk about the rapidly changing world of gem discovery from mine to market. Then they interview Wim Vertriest, a field gemologist for the GIA.

Link GIA

Gem Cutting with Justin K. Prim & Jeff Hapeman#13

In episode 13 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh have special guest Jeff Hapeman join them for the conversation portion of their episode to discuss the art of gem cutting. Then, they interview Justin K. Prim, a faceting teacher at the Institute of Gem Trading, and lapidary historian.

Link Check out Institute of Gem Trading.

Link Justin K. Prim on Medium

Ruby with Richard Hughes#12

In episode 12 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh talk about ruby, the king of gems - where it comes from, why it’s so valuable, and its incredible history. Then they interview Richard Hughes, author of Ruby and Sapphire and founder of Lotus Gemology.

Link Check out Richard at Lotus Gemology.

Link Rubies from Rock Creek, Montana

Gemstone Inclusions with Nathan Renfro#11

In episode 11 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh talk about the vast world of gemstone inclusions, from microscope techniques to the differences between natural and synthetic inclusions. Then, they interview Nathan Renfro, a gemologist and photomicrographer for the GIA.

Link Find Nathan’s photomicrography on Instagram @microworldofgems

Tourmaline with Brian Cook#10

In episode 10 of Gemology Worldwide, Josh and Lauryn discuss tourmaline, breaking down the mineral group by color. Then they interview Brian Cook, who has an incredible first hand account of the Paraiba tourmaline discovery.

Gem Labs with Billie Hughes#09

In episode 9 of Gemology Worldwide, Josh gives Lauryn a crash course on gem labs. Then they interview Billie Hughes, manager of Lotus Gemology and founder of the Hyperion database.

Link Check out Billie at Lotus Gemology.

Advanced Gemological Equipment (For Dummies)
with Alberto Scarani#08

In episode 8 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh discuss talk about different advanced gemological instruments, including the Raman spectrometer, FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, and rare machines found only in high-end gem labs. Then they interview Alberto Scarani, co-founded of Magilabs.

Link Check out Alberto at Magilabs.

Women in Jewelry and Gemology with Erica Courtney#07

In episode 7 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh talk about female gemologists and jewelry designers. Josh discusses his grandmother’s role as the matriarch of his family’s jewelry business, and Lauryn talks about her experiences as a woman in the industry. Then they interview jewelry artist and designer Erica Courtney.

Link Check out Erica Courtney.

Tucson 2019: The Gem Extravaganza#06

In episode 6 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh go to the 2019 Tucson Gem Show and interview over 25 people from various backgrounds in the jewelry industry. A special thanks to the interviewees: Alberto Scarani, Art Samuels, Benjamin Hakimi, Billie Hughes, Clemens Schwarzinger, Cynthia Scott, Daniel Uffleman, Dave Bindra, Dave Varabioff, Derek Katzenbach, Geoff Watt, Jared Judd, Jessica Dubroc, Larry Myint, Laura Phillis, Lauren Prior, Mary Van der Aa, Matthew Winward, Michael Farmer, Patrick Mayer, Sean Smokovich, Todd Wacks, Travis Lehman, Victor Tuzlokov, Vter Young, and Vanessa Van Horssen.

Industry Career Paths with Shelly Sergent#05

In episode 5 of Gemology Worldwide, Josh and Lauryn discuss different career paths in the jewelry industry. Then, they interview Shelly Sergent, current manager of the "Somewhere in the Rainbow" exhibit.

Lab Grown Diamonds with Deb Hiss#04

In episode 4 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh discuss the contentious topic of synthetic, or... lab grown, man made, above earth diamonds. Then they interview Deb Hiss, Director of Training at Pure Grown Diamonds.

Link Check out Pure Grown Diamonds to learn more about above earth diamonds.

The Diamond Industry with David Friedman#03

In episode 3 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh discuss topics related to the diamond industry, including its history, the 4 C’s, and fluorescence. Then they interview diamond industry veteran David Friedman.

Mining in Africa with Brume Jeroh#02

In episode 2 of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh discuss mining in Africa, then interview gem buyer and seller Brume Jeroh.

Link Check out Brume's gem business on Instagram @bayoto

Sapphire with Jeff Hapeman#01

In this very special first episode of Gemology Worldwide, Lauryn and Josh start off with a conversation about where gems come from, focusing on sapphires. Then, they interview Jeff Hapeman, a gem cutter and seller, and author of Rock Creek Sapphires: A Kaleidoscope of Color.

Link Check out Jeff at Earth's Treasury

About Lauryn VolovarI

Lauryn has a BFA from Tyler School of Art with a concentration in jewelry design, and is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America. She is a bench jeweler, jewelry appraiser, and custom designer. She’s inspired by the endless beauty found in gemstones, and loves intertwining their unique qualities with one of a kind designs. Lauryn lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, two cats and dog.

About Josh HymanI

Josh is a 4th generation Philadelphian jeweler and Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America with over 20 years of experience. He is often consulted by retail jewelry store owners, diamond dealers & other gemologists on many gemology related topics. His passion is gemology and creating beautiful, rare, one of a kind pieces. He lives in South Jersey with his wife and two sons.

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